Defer Intermediate Students Create Solar System Vocabulary Books Using Haiku Deck

Second Graders Use Adobe Voice to Draft Legends

Defer Intermediate Fifth Graders Present Science Popplets

Second Graders Use Educreations for Read-to-Someone Fluency Practice

Defer Fifth Graders Use Popplet to Organize Science Facts & Notes

Second Graders Use Online Resources for Daily5 Listen-to-Reading

Defer Intermediate Students Use AnswerGarden for Science Prompts

Second Graders Use Scholastic Story Starters for Creative Writing

Second Graders Use MyStorybook for Creative Writing Practice

Fifth Graders Create Science Review Games with Tiny Tap

West Main Second Graders Use Vocabulary-Spelling City for Daily 5 Word Work

Fifth Graders Explore Math App Candy Depot

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RCET Welcomes Defer Intermediate Fifth Graders to the AT&T Classroom

RCET Welcomes West Main 2nd Graders to the AT&T Classroom

Tiny Tap in the AT&T Classroom