Fifth Graders Create Science Review Games with Tiny Tap

As part of their science unit on day/night and seasons, the Defer Intermediate fifth graders are creating digital review games using the Tiny Tap iOS app. Tiny Tap offers a simple platform that teachers, children, and parents can use to create interactive lessons, games, stories, and presentations.  Finished products can be uploaded to the Tiny Tap Market, App Store, Google Play and the Web to be shared and enjoyed by others. To create their games, the students are using the templates and stickers provided in the app and then adding their own photos, text, and audio voice-over to create each game slide. The students are able to create question items in several different  formats including, seek-and-find, puzzles, true/false, and multiple choice. Mrs. Spence challenged the students to create 6-10 questions that targeted higher order thinking skills. The students will share their completed games with their classmates for test review and preparation.