Rootstown Second Graders Use Digital Tools for Practice with Pronouns & Adjectives

During their literacy block, the Rootstown second graders have been working various parts of speech including pronouns and adjectives. This morning the students applied what they have learned about Point of View and three groupings of pronouns by playing an online review game using the Kahoot platform. Kahoot is an online classroom-based response system that allows for assessments and quizzes to be administered in a game-like format. Kahoot offers a free interface that teachers can use to create quizzes, surveys and discussions. Students are able to respond to questions and create their own content using any device with a web browser.

Later this morning the second graders applied their understanding of adjectives and set out on a campus photo walk. The children used the camera feature on their iPads to capture photos that could be used for a writing project with adjectives. Writing projects that involve students in capturing and using real-time photos connects them to their written text in a very meaningful way. Additionally, the projects provide an opportunity for students to utilize auditory, verbal, visual, and kinesthetic modalities in combination to create a very personalized and meaningful product that reflects their learning.

Back in the AT&T Classroom, the second graders are creating a writing project with their photos using PicCollage, a free app for creating digital projects, scenes and collages. The app’s platform offers access to a tremendous gallery of backgrounds, stickers and customizable fonts for creating photo projects. The second graders are using the text tool within the app to create captions for their photos that include adjectives.