RCET Hosts Summer Preschool Technology Camp in the AT&T Classroom

This past week RCET collaborated with the Kent State Child Development Center to offer a summer technology camp for preschoolers in the AT&T Classroom. The camp was designed to provide preschoolers with opportunities to explore a variety of developmentally appropriate digital tools within the context of interactive media activities.​ A primary focus of the camp was on how various digital tools can be used with young children to:
  • encourage language and communication use
  • stimulate the creative process
  • facilitate interaction
  • promote development of early literacy skills

Across the week the children used several apps to create stories and animations including Toontastics, PuppetPals, & Sock Puppets. Using creativity & authoring tools to create stories provides opportunities for children to further develop their language skills and to also build “21st century skills” — critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

The children also enjoyed using Kodable, a free app designed to introduce basic coding skills to young children.  Your child can continue to explore Kodable in RCET's upcoming camp July 21-24 Secret Code for the Young Programmer."

TheOSmartBall was also a big hit this week with the campers.  “TheO SmartBall” is a cushioned ball with a safety strap that secures an iOS or Android device allowing the ball to launch various apps when tossed or rolled.  Apps can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store or GooglePlay and target a wide range of concepts for children ages 2+.  The ball is available for online purchase for $34.95 at http://physicalapps.com/