Campers Explore 3D Modeling and Printing

This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom campers explored 3D Slash modeling software for designing 3D printable projects. The 3D Slash interface offers a set of tools that children can use to build and modify 3D models by adding or subtracting a variety of cube shapes. The campers found the interface to be very intuitive and highly engaging. In addition to it’s ease of use, the tool is also very open-ended and adaptable for a range of ages and varying levels of technology expertise. It is a wonderful tool for encouraging children’s creativity and design thinking as well as building skills for scale modeling, prototyping, and problem-solving.
Later this afternoon the campers also explored two iOS apps for 3D printing -- Makerbot Printshop and ThinkMaker Design. Both apps offer templates that children can use for customizing and printing figurines, creatures, medallions, and jewelry. Makerbot Printshop also offers a Shape Maker tool that children can use to create a printable 3D model from their own hand-made drawing by capturing a photo of the drawing and importing the image into the tool.