Streetsboro Second Graders Strengthen Literacy Skills with StoryWeaver and My Storybook

This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom the Streetsboro second graders were introduced to two literacy tools - StoryWeaver  and MyStorybook.
Created with support from Google, StoryWeaver is an open source online platform designed to increase children’s access to high-quality books and stories to ultimately improve children’s literacy skills.
The StoryWeaver  platform uses open source technology to connect authors, illustrators, and translators to create openly licensed stories for the platform that can be translated, remixed or newly authored to expand the diversity of stories available to children around the world with stories currently offered in over 60 languages.
All of StoryWeaver’s content is free and accessible on multiple devices. Stories can also be easily downloaded or printed.

MyStorybook is a free online tool for creating short storybooks and digital stories. The platform provides blank pages on which a student can draw, type, and insert images. Students can select an image from the gallery that can be inserted on a page or used as a background.  Students can also upload their own photos or use the drawing tools to create a scene for their story. Finished projects can be saved and then accessed later in the tool’s gallery.