Streetsboro Second Graders Create Endangered Animal Animation Projects

Today in the AT&T Classroom the Streetsboro second graders finished their work on their endangered animal science projects. After creating a digital image of their endangered animal yesterday, today the students learned to use ChatterPix Kids to add voice narration and animation.  ChatterPix Kids is a free iOS app that can be used to animate an object within a photo so that it can “talk”. Students are able to draw a mouth on an object in a photo and then record themselves talking. The object’s mouth animates and moves with the voice recording.  This afternoon the second graders assumed the role of their animal and used ChatterPix Kids to record themselves sharing facts about their endangered animal. The first graders were so proud of their work and so excited to present their projects to their classmates.

Later this afternoon the second graders were introduced to Sock Puppets is a free iOS app that allows students to explore creative storytelling by creating lip-synced puppet shows that can be shared on the iPad or via Facebook or YouTube. Children are able to select from a variety of hand puppet characters as well as themed backgrounds to create their own unique show.