Fishcreek Highlights with Google Slides & Ozobot Programming

The Fishcreek third graders started their afternoon continuing their work on their social studies research project about a country of their choice. The students are using Google Slides to create a digital media project to share their research facts. Google Slides is a free Google productivity app for creating digital stories, presentations, reports, note cards, etc.  Features within the tool allow for slides to include text, images, hyperlinks and video. The Google Slides application offers a wide variety of themes, templates, backgrounds, and fonts that can be used to create very unique customized projects that are automatically saved within Google Drive and can easily be shared and/or downloaded.

Building from their previous work coding the Ozobots with color combinations drawn on paper, the students are also learning to program their Ozobots using flash codes, i.e., rapidly changing combinations of colors that are displayed on a digital screen such as a tablet or iPad. The students are programming flash codes using the OzoDraw tool in the Ozobot app. OzoDraw allows children to select from multiple gameplay modes and draw lines and patterns (flash codes) on a tablet’s screen for the Ozobot to follow. The third graders used the tool in the Free Draw mode that offers a blank canvas on which students can design and code their own digital track. They are also working in the tool’s Playground mode that offers mazes and backgrounds of varying complexity.