West Main Second Graders Use Digital Number Line Tools

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the West Main second graders worked with the Number Line web application at the Math Learning Center website. Number Line is designed to help students visualize number sequences and illustrate strategies for counting, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. The Number Line app is one of many free apps and resources available at the Math Learning Center website for students to use to strengthen their understanding of math concepts.

To reinforce their work with Number Line, the second graders played the Fruit Splat Number Line Addition Game during their small group rotation for Math with Laptops. Fruit Splat Number Line Addition is a free game accessible from Sheppards Software that is designed to build students’ math fluency.

Sheppards Software is an online platform that offers educational games for topics and concepts in Math, Science, Geography/Social Studies, and Language Arts. The games are designed in a way to utilize sound and visual effects to exercise children’s brains and make learning engaging and more memorable for children. The games are also designed to incorporate difficulty levels so that the student will continue to be challenged no matter how far he/she progresses.