West Main Second Graders Collaborate Virtually via Skype for Math Work

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the students connected virtually with another second grade class at West Main to work on Number-of-the-Day and guess one another’s Mystery Number. The two classes were able to work together by connecting via Skype, a telecommunications application software available for free from Microsoft. The software can be used for video chat and voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices, Xbox One consoles, and telephones. Once the two classes were connected, they worked in teams to apply what they have learned about concepts for place value, odd/even, higher/lower to ask questions to guess the other class’s Mystery Number.

During their Math with Someone small group rotation, the second graders explored a new app for practicing their math facts. Math Fight Fun - 2 Player Mathematics Duel Is an educational math game that utilizes a split screen interface so that two players can challenge one another to solve math problems. In addition providing practice with math facts, the app also provides math speed training to improve concentration and reflexes for solving equations. The app is available at no cost in the iOS App Store and through Google Play.

The second graders have also been using the Educreations app to solve math problems. Educreations is a multi-platform tool that allows the tablet to function as a digital dry erase board. The app’s features allow the device to record the student’s voice and his/her writing and drawing which can be saved for playback. Students are able to solve a math problem by writing the numbers and drawing images to accompany the problem and solution. They can also add voice-over by recording themselves explaining the steps they went through to solve the problem.