Lakeview Fifth Graders Create Assessment Games with Kahoot

Building from last week’s research on famous scientists, the Lakeview fifth graders each designed their own assessment questions for their peers based on facts from their research. Students each identified important biographical facts about their scientist and then created an assessment quiz game using the Kahoot platform. Kahoot offers a free interface that teachers can use to create quizzes, surveys, and discussions. Students are able to respond to questions and create their own content using any device with a web browser.

The recently released mobile app allows students to participate in Kahoot games both in the classroom and remotely with a mobile device. The platform was also recently expanded to include Kahoot Studio, offering curated collections of pre-made Kahoot assessment games created by Kahoot’s team of staff and expert educators. Kahoot Studio was rolled out this Fall with initial collections for math and other content areas to be added.