Lakeview 5th Graders Create Animated Scientists

RCET is excited to welcome another Lakeview Elementary class (Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools). Mrs. Holly Thompson and her fifth graders are currently working on a research project in the AT&T Classroom investigating famous scientists and inventors. To support their online research on a specific scientist, the students were introduced to the Popplet app to use for collecting and organizing their research notes and facts.  Popplet is a free tool for building a diagram or outline by creating popples (bubbles/text boxes) in various shapes and sizes to represent individual facts or details related to a specific concept. Students can also add text, drawing, or images to each popple. Students are able to draw their own image or use the online search function within the app to find and insert a photo or image from the web.

Building from yesterday’s online research, today the students began working on creation of an animation of their scientist using  ChatterPix Kids. Using the app’s drawing tool, the students traced the mouth on a photo of their scientist then recorded their own narration so that the photo’s mouth animates and moves with the voice recording. Using ChatterPix, students are assuming the role of their scientist and recording themselves sharing biographical facts from their research.