Digital Tools for Base Ten

During their math block in the AT&T Classroom the West Main second graders are using Google Classroom as a digital learning space. Within Google Classroom there is a Stream feature where Miss Tilden can post questions and share assignments with students. Miss Tilden is able to create a math assignment and choose how students complete the assignment (e.g., individually, small groups, whole class). She is also able to view students’ work and progress on an assignment and provide feedback to individual students. Miss Tilden is using the Stream feature to share the Number of the Day assignment with the second graders in which the students are working through a series of Google Slides, with each slide providing a new activity for working with the number (e.g., write the number, draw blocks to represent the number, etc.  
Google Slides is a free productivity app available within the the G-Suite for creating digital stories, presentations, reports, note cards, etc.

During their small group math rotations this morning, the second graders were introduced to some new apps and websites today for building math fluency and for working with the math concept Base Ten including Math Puppy Bingo Challenge on the iPads and ABCya Base Ten Fun.