Campers Program Ozobots with Static Codes and Ozoblockly

Building from their previous work with static codes, this morning in the AT&T Classroom the campers designed their own tracks, mazes, and games incorporating the static color codes to alter speed, direction, and movement for their Ozobot Bits.

The campers were also introduced to OzoBlockly, a web-based tool that utilizes a block-based programming language for programming with the Ozobot Bits. The tool is designed to allow children to visually learn programming concepts by dragging blocks of commands and fitting them together to build code.

Campers can continue to enjoy their Ozobots at home exploring new challenges and games using the resources and apps accessible at the “Play” page on the Ozobot website. The site offers access to numerous challenges and printable games as well as reference guides for programming with the OzoCodes.