Campers Program Ozobot Bit Smart Toy Robots

RCET’s Ozobot camped kicked-off today in the AT&T Classroom. Campers are working with the Ozobot Bit - a small toy robot that is designed to provide children with opportunities to learn simple coding language while also encouraging children’s creativity and skills for problem-solving and deductive reasoning. At the start of the session, the campers were introduced to the Ozobot Bit device and processes for charging and calibrating the Ozobots so that they are ready for programming and play. The Ozobot device is programmed to follow black, red, blue, and green lines/paths which control the Ozobot’s movement and speed in different directions. The device has sensors that recognize color sequences and interprets them as commands for directing speed and movement. Each Ozobot starter kit includes a card maze to introduce children to the process of working with the code language of using the colors black, red, blue, and green on a path to direct the Ozobot.

Today after calibrating their Ozobots the campers started with the kit’s card maze to observe the Ozobot’s navigation through the various color codes on the maze. Building from their observations, the campers were given the challenge of selecting the correct color combinations and codes so that the Ozobot could correctly navigate the path on new mazes.

The campers quickly learned how to combine various color combinations and sequences to alter their Ozobot’s direction and speed. Campers also began designing their own mazes by planning specific color code sequences and combinations at various points along the path. Across the next three days the campers will progress through a series of coding challenges including races, mazes, and brain teasers.