Campers Program Mazes, Hot Potato, & the Solar System with Spero SPRK+

Building from yesterday’s introduction to Sphero SPRK+, this morning the campers were given the challenge of programming commands so that their SPRK+ ball could navigate and race through a series of mazes and tracks including a square track, a rectangular track, a triangular track and an extended maze. The challenge required campers to apply their math skills to measure the length of various parts of the maze that were laid on the floor with masking tape and adjust their codes according to the length.

A highlight of the morning was when the campers played "21st Century Hot Potato”. Campers learned to program timing and sound effects for their SPRK+ ball and then enjoyed playing the classic game of elimination by passing the “potato” around the camp circle until the SPRK+ ball “exploded”.

Campers ended their morning with a solar system project in which each camper represented a different planet and then programmed their SPRK+ ball to orbit within the galaxy.