Campers Explore Coding & Animation Tools in the AT&T Classroom

This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom, campers were introduced to two new tools for coding and programming. Building from their previous work with Hopscotch, campers started the exploring Kodable on the iPads.  Similar to Hopscotch,  Kodable  also uses a game-like format to engage children with the basics of computer programming. As children progress through the various levels, the game prompts them to “think like a programmer” to solve problems, utilize programming elements such as functions, conditional statements and loops. Kodable can be downloaded at no cost for PCs and Macs and is also available for iOS and Android tablets.

Next, campers were introduced to BlocksCAD, a web-based 3D CAD tool. The platform utilizes a block-based interface to engage children in 3D design while building skills for programming, spatial reasoning, geometry and advanced math.

Campers also explored two tools for animation and design.  Voki is a web-based tool for creating customized talking avatars. Finished avatars can be embedded into a blog, wiki, or website or also shared on the Voki site. Tiny Tap is a free iOS app that offers a simple platform for creating interactive, games, stories, and presentations.  Finished products can be uploaded to the Tiny Tap Market, App Store, Google Play and the Web to be shared and enjoyed by others. To create their games, the campers used the templates and stickers provided in the app and then added their own photos, text, and audio voice-over to create each game slide.