Campers Explore 3D Printing and Programming in the AT&T Classroom

Afternoon campers in the AT&T Classroom are working with tools for 3D printing and programming. The campers started their week exploring the design process for 3D printing using two applications - Makerbot Printshop and My Minifactory. Both platforms offer templates for creating and customizing creatures, figurines, medallions, and jewelry. Makerbot Printshop also offers a Shape Maker tool for creating a 3D model from a hand-made drawing by capturing a photo of the drawing and importing the image into the tool.  Today the campers explored 3D Slash modeling software for designing 3D printable projects.

The 3D Slash interface offers a set of tools for building 3D models by adding or subtracting a variety of cube shapes. The campers found the interface to be very intuitive and highly engaging. In addition to it’s ease of use, the tool is also very open-ended and adaptable for a range of ages and varying levels of technology expertise. The camp projects will be printed using a MakerBot Replicator Mini 3D printer and an XYZprinting da Vinci Jr. 1.0 Pro. 3D Printer.

The campers have also been learning to code using Hopscotch, an iOS app designed to teach students the basic elements of coding and programming. By manipulating simple drag and drop blocks, Hopscotch introduces fundamental programming concepts such as sequencing, abstraction, values and conditionals. The app allows users to sequence code to create simple games, animations, and art.  The campers worked with the app first as a group to progress through the app’s introductory commands and are now individually through the app's levels to create increasingly more complex movements, animations and games.