CDC Kindergartners Explore Creativity Tools in the AT&T Classroom

This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom the CDC Kindergartners explored several creativity tools.

Pic Collage for Kids  also known  as Pic Kids for short, is a free app for creating scenes and collages with photos taken with an iOS device. Features of the app allow students to design a customized photo collage by adding text, backgrounds, and stickers.This afternoon each child designed and printed their own photo collage incorporating photos they captured using their iPad’s camera.

Later this afternoon, the children were introduced to Doodle Buddy iOS is a free drawing app for iPads that offers several design tools including paint brushes, chalk, glitter, stencils and stamps.  


Also on the iPads, the Kindergartners enjoyed using Sock Puppets to create animated stories. Sock Puppets is a free iOS app that allows children to explore creative storytelling by creating lip-synced puppet shows. Children are able to select from a variety of hand puppet characters as well as themed backgrounds to create their own unique show.