RCET Welcomes Second Graders from Cornerstone Community School to the AT&T Classroom

We are so excited to welcome another class from Cornerstone Community School to the AT&T Classroom. Over the next four weeks, Mrs. McFeaters and her second graders will be exploring several digital tools and applications to support learning across the curriculum. The students started their morning by logging on to their Symbaloo to access the websites they will be using in the AT&T Classroom. Symbaloo is a free bookmarking tool and is particularly useful with younger grades as the icons provide an effective visual cue to help students recognize the site they need to access for a particular activity. You can access the second graders' Symbaloo webmix at the following url: http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/cornerstonegrade2

After their morning Devotions, the second graders were introduced to an iPad app to use for written reflection. Doodle Buddy iOS is a free creativity app for iPads that offers several tools including text for typing, paint brushes, chalk, glitter, stencils, and stamps. This morning the second graders used Doodle Buddy to write create a reflective writing piece in response to a story Mrs. McFeaters read during morning Devotions. The students were excited to share their reflections with their classmates.

This morning the second graders were also introduced to Edmodo, a web-based platform that allows a teacher and students to communicate and collaborate online, share content, access homework and assignments and participate in online discussions in a safe environment. This morning the students learned to navigate the Edmodo platform and each student created their own personalized avatar to represent him/herself in the online class community.

Over the next four weeks, the second graders will be using various digital tools for math learning and practice. Most recently the second graders have been working with money values and were introduced this morning to two digital games at the ABCya website for practicing their skills for counting money - ABCya Learning Coins and ABCya Money Counter. Additional math websites are bookmarked in the class Symbaloo.