RCET Welcomes CDC Kindergarten to the AT&T Classroom

We always enjoy collaborating with our Kent State Child Development Center (CDC) and are so happy to welcome the 2016-17 CDC Kindergarten class to the AT&T Classroom.   Over the next two weeks, the children will be exploring creativity and design tools to support their learning. The websites the children will be using in the AT&T Classroom are bookmarked in their class Symbaloo. Symbaloo is a free bookmarking tool and is particularly useful with younger children and emerging readers as the icons provide an effective visual cue to help children recognize the website they need to access for a particular activity. You can access the CDC Kindergarten Symbaloo webmix at the following URL: http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/cdckindergartensymbaloo1

This afternoon the kindergartners explored ABCya Story Maker, a free web-based tool that children can use to draw pictures and then write text to describe and support their scene. ABCya Story Maker offers a variety of drawing tools that can be used for creating the pictures. Story projects can encompass one page or multiple pages. Finished story projects can be printed and saved.