Cornerstone Second Graders Use Popplet for Character Trait Analysis

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the Cornerstone second graders were introduced to Popplet, a free tool for creating concept maps. A concept map is a graphical diagram that provides a visual representation of the relationship between two or more concepts. Teachers often use concept maps as a strategy to facilitate students’ critical thinking and their ability to identify and understand similarities and differences among key concepts.  

This morning following a demonstration of the tool, each student used Popplet to create character trait analysis concept maps based upon their reading of The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate. Engaging students in character analysis projects helps to improve their critical reading abilities as students must key in on evidence within the story’s text in order to make inferences about the character to discover key traits that impact that character's role in the story's events.

The second graders ended their morning with a video chat with a team member from Buncee EDU in New York City. Buncee EDU is a multi-platform tool that the Cornerstone second graders will  be using to create multimedia projects. This morning the Buncee EDU associate gave the second graders an overview of the Buncee platform and a demonstration for building a digital story with animations and video. The students are excited to begin using the platform next week.