CDC Kindergartners Explore 3D Printing

This afternoon the CDC Kindergarteners were introduced to the the 3D printing process. Building from their work on cities that they have been designing back at CDC, today the children worked in their table groups to brainstorm specific artifacts to add to their cities that could be designed and printed in 3D. To prepare for their small group work, the class explored 3D project model examples at Thingiverse, an online platform with resources for 3D projects and lessons. Next the children used Boogie Board Scribble n’ Play ewriter tablets to record their ideas as they brainstormed in their small groups. The Scribble n’ Play utilizes liquid crystal display (LCD) technology to provide a digital tool for all writing and creativity tasks such as drawing, text writing/notes, mathematical calculations and mathematical writing. Students are to able to choose from the tablet’s four unique stylus tools to write and draw in multiple colors to create different visual effects that promote students’ engagement, motivation and creativity as they approach their work and projects. The Scribble n’ Play ewriter tablets are manufactured by Kent Displays, Inc. (KDI) a local company who is a global leader in manufacturing ewriter display technology.

This afternoon the children also explored Makerbot Printshop, a free and very easy-to-use tool for designing models for 3D printing.  The tool offers templates for creating and customizing medallions, bracelets, rings, vases and 3D text models. The platform also includes a Shape Maker tool that children can use to create a 3D model from their own hand-made drawing by capturing a photo of the drawing and importing the image into the tool. Children can also select from models designed by other builders in the tool’s Curated Collections and Digital Store.
In addition to Thingiverse and Makerbot Printshop, there are a number of other free tools for design 3D printing projects compatible for Chromebooks, Android or iOS tablets including 3D Slash, Polar Cloud, and ThinkMaker Design.