AT&T Classroom Teachers & Students Explore Boogie Board eWriters

The first and second grade classes currently in the AT&T Classroom have been using two different ewriters as part of their classroom toolkit.

Within their work space, each of the students has a Scribble n’ Play ewriter tablet. The Scribble n’ Play utilizes liquid crystal display (LCD) technology to provide a digital tool for all writing and creativity tasks such as drawing, text writing/notes, mathematical calculations and mathematical writing. Students are to able to choose from the tablet’s four unique stylus tools to write and draw in multiple colors to create different visual effects that promote students’ engagement, motivation and creativity as they approach their work and projects.  The students are using the Scribble n’ Plays for math practice, vocabulary and spelling practice and as a creativity tool for brainstorming and drawing.

The classes are also field-testing a new ewriter standing board in the AT&T Classroom. The Boogie Board-eboard utilizes the same reflective, pressure-sensitive, plastic liquid crystal display (LCD) to provide a digital writing and drawing experience. The board also offers a save function so that teachers’ and students’ work can be saved and uploaded for cloud storage.

An accompanying app to the board allows for real-time observation of students and teachers using the board within classroom activities.  

Classes have used the board for collaborative brainstorming, building concept maps, writing prompts, word walls, and classroom productivity tasks (assignments, small group rotations, URLs, etc.).

Both the Scribble n’ Play and the Boogie Board-eboard in the AT&T Classroom are manufactured by Kent Displays, Inc. (KDI) a local company who is a global leader in manufacturing ewriter display technology.