Streetsboro First Graders Create Animated Stories with ChatterPix Kids

The Streetsboro first graders have been working on a writing project about their school day and focusing on building their story with the essential elements of a topic sentence, what happens first, second, and last. This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom the Streetsboro first graders were introduced to a new animation tool to use to created an animated story of their written draft. ChatterPix is a free iOS app that can be used to animate an object within a photo so that it can “talk”. Students are able to draw a mouth on an object in a photo and then record themselves talking. The object’s mouth animates and moves with the voice recording. To create their animated stories, the first graders used the Safari search engine app on their iPads to select a photo of a favorite animal to act as the narrator of their story. Next, the students pulled their photo into the ChatterPix app and used the app’s tool to draw a mouth for their animal. The app also offers stickers and graphics students can add to their photo for customization. Students then used the app’s microphone feature to record themselves reading the written draft of their story.