Streetsboro First Graders Practice Math Facts with iPad Apps

This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom the Streetsboro first graders were introduced to a set of iOS apps for practice with important math facts. Pop Math Lite is the free version of the award winning PopMath app. Available for both iOS and Android platforms, Pop Math Lite provides opportunities for children to practice basic math skills in a game-like format. The game encompasses a very colorful interface that children find highly engaging.

Available for ipads and Android tablets, Math Bug Free uses engaging animations to reinforce skills for addition and subtraction. Students are reinforced for calculating the correct answer with a bird dropping an apple to feed the “math bug”.

Make 10 Plus is a math game that a focuses on the “math fact 10 family”. The student is challenged to reach the total of 10 as quickly as they can by tapping the correct number tile before a wall comes crashing down. Knowing how to make 10 is a key math skill in order to add and work with larger numbers.