Lakeview Sixth Graders Share Mineral Research Facts Using Popplet, Adobe Spark Post and Google Slides

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the Lakeview 6th graders were introduced to a few new design tools to support their science investigation of rocks and minerals.

Building from their previous work with Adobe Spark Video, this morning the sixth graders were introduced to Adobe Spark Post, another tool accessible in Adobe Spark platform. Adobe Spark Post can be used for creating graphics for posters, flyers, and social media. Students used Adobe Spark Post to create a poster to share vocabulary terms, facts and photos from their research.

Popplet is a free web-based tool that can be used to create concept maps and diagrams. The application allows you to build a diagram or outline by creating popples  in various shapes and sizes to represent individual facts or details related to a specific concept. Students can also add text, drawing, or images to each popple. Students are able to draw their own image or use the online search function within the app to find and insert a photo or image from the web. This morning the sixth graders learned how to navigate the tool’s features to build a concept map encompassing facts and images from their rocks and minerals research.

 The students also worked with Google Slides template to design a mock Facebook page about a specific rock. Mrs. Baughman used Google Slides to create a template that encompassed various components of Facebook and shared the template with the students as an assignment posted in their Google Classroom. Students used the template to design a fictitious Facebook page about their rock character to share facts they have learned about their rock such as how the rock is formed, where it is found, etc.