RCET Welcomes Mrs. Piland and her Lakeview 5th Graders to the AT&T Classroom

RCET is excited to welcome a new class from Lakeview Intermediate School (Stow-Munroe Falls City Schools) to the AT&T Classroom.  Mrs. Piland and her fifth graders will be in the AT&T Classroom during the afternoon session focusing on digital tools to support science teaching and learning. The class started their week exploring tools for creating digital media projects -- Buncee EDU, Educreations, and Adobe Spark Video.

Buncee EDU is a free multiplatform tool for creating digital media projects. The platform offers an interactive digital canvas with thematic background templates that can be used to create stories, books, presentations, pamphlets, posters, etc. Students are able to customize the templates by adding animations, pictures, text, drawings, and videos. The Buncee platform also offers a very large gallery of searchable media that students can use in their projects  or students have the option to import external media from their computers or other websites. Completed Buncee projects can be viewed online and/or saved as PDFs.

Educreations is a multi-platform tool that allows the computer or tablet to function as a digital dry erase board. The tool’s features allow the device to record the student’s voice and his/her writing and drawing which can be saved for playback. Once a student finishes their assignment or project in Educreations, they can save their work and then access it from any device with a web browser.

The students were also introduced to Adobe Spark Video, one of the tools available within the Adobe Spark platform.  Adobe Spark Video can be used for creating movies/videos by adding text, images, and voice-over to slides. The tool includes access to a library of free music that can be added to the video or added with voice-over narration in the background of the video. In addition to Adobe Spark Video, the Adobe Spark platform includes two other tools - Adobe Spark Post and Adobe Spark Page.  Adobe Spark Post can be used for creating graphics for posters, flyers, and social media. Adobe Spark Page can be used for creating digital slide shows, stories and web pages that include pictures, videos, text, and web links. All Adobe Spark tools can be used at no cost in your web browser (including Chromebooks) or via their free mobile iOS app for ipads.