RCET Participates in Kent State's Fashion Tech Hackathon

RCET was excited to be part of Kent State’s fourth annual Fashion Tech Hackathon this weekend. The Hackathon is a cross-curricular event in which students work in teams to create and innovate within the realm of wearable technology. The 36-hour event is presented in partnership with the Fashion School’s TechStyleLAB and LaunchNET Kent State. As part of the 2017 activities, RCET hosted a special session for high school students in which participants were introduced to several design and programming tools including Arduino, Little Bits, and Tiny Circuits. Additionally, the participants also explored several ewriter devices for design and creativity including the Boogie Board Sync, Jot 8.5, Scribble N' Play and Play N' Trace. The session was led by RCET Intern Jared Butcher, a senior at BIOMed Science Academy.