Lakeview 6th Graders Use Boggie Board Jots for Pre-Writing

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the Lakeview 6th graders continued work on their social studies Interdependence projects that they are designing with Buncee EDU and Adobe Spark Video.  In combination with design tools the students are using to create their projects (Buncee EDU and Adobe Spark Video), the students are using digital eWriters to support their work. Each student has a Boogie Board 8.5 JOT LCD eWriter in their learning space. The Jot 8.5 utilizes LCD technology to provide students with a digital writing tool that functions seamlessly with other tools and media so that students are able to easily and quickly capture ideas, record notes, and express their learning instantaneously  without the login/startup, connecting, and charging processes often involved when utilizing other digital tools. Students are able to use the eWriters for all writing tasks including drawing, text writing, and mathematical writing. The 6th graders are using the Jots as a pre-writing tool to outline notes and project components prior to design with the Buncee and Adobe.