Lakeview 6th Graders Program with Minecraft EDU and Bitsbox

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the Lakeview 6th graders were introduced to two tools for coding and programming. Minecraft EDU is a simple building-blocks game within an immersive environment that is designed to promote children’s creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving. As children are challenged to build, design and program with the blocks they are also developing and improving their spatial reasoning skills which provide a basis for the abstract thinking and problem solving involved in math and science equations.

The sixth graders were also introduced to Bitsbox, an online application that runs in a computer browser and displays a virtual tablet on which the user is able to access programming lessons to build simple apps and games in JavaScript.  Once the user has created a game, they are able to use a mobile device such as an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone to scan the QR code associated with their Bitsbox project. They are then able to access their game on that mobile device through the QR code. In today’s session, the students used the QR Reader app on the iPads to scan their QR codes and were then able to immediately play their newly-created game on the iPad. The challenges used in today’s session are available on the Bitsbox website at no cost. Bitsbox also offers subscription plans that include monthly mailings containing new tutorials and projects for children to explore.