Lippman 1st & 2nd Graders Program Dancing Robots with OzoGroove

This morning during their STEAM block in the AT&T Classroom the Lippman students explored new coding sequences and combinations to program dance routines for their Ozobots. The children used the OzoGroove iPad app to program their Ozobots’ dance movements and steps.
The students’ work with the Ozobots over the past week has tied in with Kent State’s AT&T Classroom’s participation in the Hour of Code. The week of Dec. 5-12 marks National Computer Science Education Week and all schools are encouraged to participate in the “Hour of Code”, a global initiative aimed at providing coding and programming experiences to classrooms around the world.
In addition to Ozobot tutorials, numerous coding and programming activities and resources for children can be accessed at the website for National Computer Science Education Week ( and at the website for the Hour of Code at