Wait Primary Students Create Spooky Subtraction Stories with Buncee EDU

The Wait Primary first graders began their afternoon in the AT&T Classroom by sharing their App Smash habitat projects.  “App Smash” is a term used to describe the process of using several apps in combination to complete a task or create a project. This past week the first graders “App Smashed” the Google Image Search Tool,  Doodle Buddy iOS,   Pic Collage for Kids, and ChatterPix Kids to synthesize and share what they have learned about habitats. This afternoon the students began sharing their final projects by mirroring them to the presentation screen.

This afternoon the first graders also had their second coding lesson using the Daisy the Dinosaur app. This afternoon the students worked through a new challenge requiring them to correctly sequence the code in order to make Daisy grow.

Later this afternoon the students used Buncee EDU to as a math tool for creating subtraction stories with a Halloween theme. Buncee EDU is a free multi-platform tool for creating multimedia stories and projects. Previously the first graders have been using the Buncee EDU platform as a writing tool.  This afternoon the students searched among the customizable templates in the Buncee gallery to create their story’s background and then selected from Halloween-themed stickers to choose icons to represent their groupings in their math problem. The project also engaged students in mathematical writing as they drafted a narrative to explain the math problem and solution.