Rootstown Third Graders- AT&T Classroom Highlights

The Rootstown third graders started their morning in the AT&T Classroom with a special Halloween treat from their principal. Mr. Turner had found a series of Halloween videos designed to teach students about the historical traditions that are the basis for the Halloween holiday. The videos were incorporated into an informational writing activity in which the students had to select three facts from the videos as a focus of their writing assignment in Google Classroom.

Later this morning in the AT&T Classroom the Rootstown third graders began sharing the writing projects they created with
Adobe Spark Page. Each morning a few students will present their projects to the class projected to the presentation screen. The finished projects encompass a variety of digital media including photos, web links, and video. Each project provides a rich demonstration of both the student’s writing as well as their creativity and design skills.

During their math block this morning the third graders continued their work with graphs focusing today on pie graphs. Today the class returned to the NCES Kid Zone website and used the Create-A-Graph tool to design a pie graph using the class survey data regarding students’ favorite national holiday. The students inserted their pie graphs into the Google document they created the previous day for their bar graph. Students then used the editing tools in docs for mathematical writing to explain the data represented in the graphs. Students learned to insert and format images using tools to rotate, resize, align and break/wrap text as well as Google doc writing and editing tools.