Rootstown Third Graders Analyze Data with Create-A-Graph

The Rootstown third graders started their morning in the AT&T Classroom finishing their writing projects with Adobe Spark Page. Later this morning during their math block the students were introduced to the Create-a-Graph website. Hosted by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the Create-a-Graph website is designed for children to offer  information regarding different types of graphs and provide step-by-step guides to assist students in creating graphs. After an introduction to the website’s tools and features, each student created their own graph using data they had collected from a class survey regarding students’ favorite national holiday.

Once the students finished their graphs, they were introduced to Google Docs for mathematical writing. Google Docs is a free web-based word processing application available through Google Drive that can be used for creating and saving documents. This morning the students learned how to use the tool to create a document, enter and edit text, and add an image. The students inserted an image of the graph they created and will be writing an explanation of their survey data that is represented in their graph when they return to the AT&T Classroom on Wednesday.