Highlights from Rootstown Third Graders' Second Day in the AT&T Classroom

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the Rootstown third graders were introduced to some of the tools they will use during their literacy block. BookFLIX is one of the websites the students are using for independent reading or Read-to-Self. One of the sites, BookFLIX  is offered through INFOhio and provides free access to classic video storybooks with related nonfiction e-books.  The site is designed to provide engaging fiction and nonfiction reading opportunities that help to build students’ vocabulary and strengthen their reading fluency and comprehension. Other sites the third graders are using include Funbrain, PBS, and Front Row.

The students are also using Google Docs as a writing tool. Today the students learned how to do an image search within a Google Doc to represent their writing tropic. Students also explored of the options and Google tools that are available within Docs for formatting images for use in writing projects.

A highlight of the morning was a science lab in which the students investigated bird adaptations. The students used their iPads to capture photos of their lab work to be used later for a scientific writing project.