Willyard Fourth Graders Learn Coding with Code Monkey

Building from their previous coding lessons with the Daisy the Dinosaur app, this morning the Willyard fourth graders were introduced to some more complex coding elements using the Code Monkey platform.  Code Monkey is an online game that engages children with coding and programming concepts as they are participate in game play. The game involves the student in helping a monkey retrieve her lost bananas as she travels through a map of coding puzzles. The platform offers a split screen so that players are coding on the right side and viewing the results of their code as the game progresses on the left side. To proceed through each level, players must write and "run" code snippets on the right side of the screen to steer the monkey across each level on the left side of the screen. Each new level introduces an additional piece of code or a new function. In addition to building expertise with programming language, games such as Code Monkey also offer important opportunities to children for further developing their creativity and problem solving skills as well as skills for divergent and higher order thinking.