Willyard Fourth Graders Create Multiplication Models with Google Drawings Tool

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the fourth graders were introduced to a new tool to use for their work with multiplication facts.  Google Drawings is a free, web-based tool accessible in Google Drive. This morning the fourth graders explored the various features and tools accessible in Google Drawings to create multiplication models. Students learned to use the drawing tools and also the search function to copy/paste images to create identical groups. Next the students distributed the images equally into the groups to reflect the multiplication problem they had written at the top of their document.  
Google Drawings can be used as a very powerful and versatile image creator and editor. The tools within Google Drawings can be used to create a variety of media and projects including drawings, diagrams, charts, maps, brochures, pamphlets, etc. In addition to designing and drawing images from scratch, external images can also be inserted and edited by adding marks, notations, drawings, etc.