Holden Fourth Graders Create Student Blogs with Padlet

This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom the Holden fourth graders set-up their own blogs that they will be using this year for writing across the curriculum and to share their writing with Mrs. Yehle and their classmates. The term Blog is short for Web Log and refers to an online space where a user can share information by posting text, images, audio, or video.  Providing opportunities for students to “blog” allows students to further develop their literacy skills while also providing them with authentic writing experiences. Today the Holden fourth graders each designed their own blog space by building a wall in Padlet, a free web-based tool that functions as a virtual wall or bulletin board.  Within Padlet students were able to customize the background and template for their blog where they will be able to post several forms of content including text, images, and videos. This afternoon after setting-up their blogs, the fourth graders drafted their first post by writing a reflection on their first week in the AT&T Classroom.