Campers Explore Programming Apps with Ozobots

The campers have been creating amazing tracks, mazes, puzzles and games for their Ozobots using static codes, i.e., short sequences of colors drawn on a black line on paper. The campers are also learning to program their Ozobots using flash codes, i.e., rapidly changing combinations of colors that are displayed on a digital screen such as a tablet or iPad. The campers are programming with flash codes using the OzoDraw tool in the Ozobot app. OzoDraw allows children to select from multiple gameplay modes and draw lines and patterns (flash codes) on a tablet’s screen for the Ozobot to follow. The tool offers a Playground mode with mazes and and backgrounds that children can use as a starting point as well as a FreeDraw mode that offers a blank canvas.

The afternoon campers have also been exploring OzoBlockly on the laptops. OzoBlockly is a web-based tool that utilizes a block-based programming language. The tool is designed to allow children to visually learn programming concepts by dragging blocks of commands and combining the blocks to build programs.

Ozobots are compatible with both Android and iOS devices with apps available in the itunes App Store and the Google Play Store.