Highlights from Today's Animation & Design Camp

This afternoon the campers explored several new programs and apps for design and animation.
Buncee is a free multi-platform tool that children can use to create multimedia stories.
Using Buncee children can create a visual story by adding custom background templates to Buncee slides. To each template the child can add animations, pictures, text, drawings, and videos. Buncee offers a very large gallery of media that children can use in their stories or students have the option to import media from their computers, from YouTube, from Vimeo, from Dropbox, from SoundCloud, and from Gooru. Completed Buncee projects can be viewed online and/or saved as PDFs.

In addition to Buncee, the campers also explored three tablet apps.

Bubble Harp is an iOS app that combines drawing, animation, music, art, geometry, and games. As a child moves their fingers across the iPad screen, the tools draws bubbles around their fingertips, recording and replaying the fingers’ movements while creating music based on the animated forms.

This is Sand is a free tablet app that offers a canvas which can be used to create and share sandscapes. It is a wonderful open-ended tool that offers rich opportunities for building children’s creativity.The app is available for both Android and iOS tablets.

CHOMP is an iOS app that children can use to create video stories. The tool offers over 50 hand-drawn scenes with humorous animations to which children can insert their own photo to create a video story.