Campers Design Digital Games and 3D Printing Projects

This afternoon RCET welcomed campers to the Digital Tools for Animation & Design camp. Across the week campers will explore a number of apps and programs to create interactive media projects. This afternoon the students focused on the design aspect of 3D printing and were introduced to the following  iOS apps for designing projects for print production - Makerbot Printshop, ThinkMaker Design, and Tinkerplay.  The tools each offer templates for creating and customizing creatures, figurines, medallions, and jewelry Makerbot Printshop also offers a Shape Maker tool that children can use to create a 3D model from their own hand-made drawing by capturing a photo of the drawing and importing the image into the tool.  All three apps are accessible in the Apps Store at no cost.

Later in the afternoon the campers created their own digital games using Tiny Tap, a multi-platform tool available for desktops as well as iOS and Android tablets. The platform can be used to create interactive games, stories, lessons and presentations.  Finished products can be uploaded to the Tiny Tap Market, App Store, Google Play and the Web to be shared and enjoyed by others. To create their games, the campers used the templates and stickers provided in the app and then added their own photos, Internet images, text, and audio voice-over to create each game slide.