Welcome Cornerstone Fourth Graders to the AT&T Classroom!

It was an exciting morning as the Cornerstone third graders welcomed the CCS fourth graders to join them in the AT&T Classroom. The students began their morning with a passage read by Mrs. Molnar and reflecting on a question prompt posted by their teachers on the class Padlet wall: How are people like stones?  After sharing their reflections, the students had a rich discussion centered on the writing prompt and the passage read by Mrs.Molnar. The students then took their tablets and went on a campus walk to capture photos of natural and man-made stones and stone structures. Back in the AT&T Classroom the students were introduced to Haiku Deck for a writing project using photos taken on the walk.  Haiku Deck is a free cloud-based presentation application. The tool’s interface allows students to select themes, backgrounds and add text in various fonts. Students are able to use their own photos in a project or access images using the tool’s Creative Commons search feature.Finished projects have several options for sharing including email and Google Classroom.