Cornerstone Third Graders Produce 3D Makerbot Projects in the AT&T Classroom

The Cornerstone third graders had a busy morning in the AT&T Classroom. The first three 3D Makerbot printer projects have successfully printed and were shared today. It was so exciting to see the students’ visualizations and designs transformed into tangible products of their own creation. Today's projects provided wonderful examples of what is possible with 3D printing and inspired some of the third graders to redesign their models. 

Later this morning the students were introduced to a new creativity and design tool for a writing project about their recent Cornerstone camping outing. Kid Pix 3D is a multimedia program that allows students to create animated stories and projects by drawing or painting with digital tools. The program offers access to multi-layered 3D backgrounds, 3D animations and 100 video backgrounds. Children are also able to add their own narration to their project. Free trial downloads and pricing plans for Kid Pix 3D are accessible at the Kid Pix/Mackiev software website.

Also this morning, the students used ABCya Story Maker to write and illustrate a reflection on today’s Bible passage. The students were introduced to ABCya Story Maker at the start of their AT&T Classroom experience.  It is a free free web-based tool that students can use for writing and illustration. The program offers a variety of drawing tools that can be used for creating pictures and scenes.