Cornerstone Third Graders Visit the Kent State Wick Poetry Center

The Cornerstone third graders enjoyed a very special morning at Kent State’s  Wick Poetry Center. Located just a short walk across campus from the AT&T Classroom, the Wick Poetry Center is one of the leading poetry centers in the country, offering a range of impactful programming opportunities for emerging and established poets including education, outreach, performance, and publication. The third graders had the wonderful opportunity to work with Kent State student and poet Regis Coustillac who gave the students a tour of the beautiful facilities within the center’s home including the library and the “Poet’s Loft” which provides inspiring views of campus and downtown Kent. 

The children also explored the center’s Poetry Park, an interactive outdoor area that serves as a gathering space for reflection, writing and performances. The students enjoyed capturing digital photos within the gardens and viewing the Traveling Stanzas poetry posters, a collaborative project of the center and Kent State visual communication design majors with local school children, veterans, healthcare providers, and patients at area hospitals.  

After a poetry reading in the park’s amphitheater, Regis led the students in a poetry exercise during which each student composed their own poem and then presented to the class. All who were present were deeply touched by the thoughtfulness and beauty of each piece.