Cornerstone Third Graders Create Economics Games with Tiny Tap

The Cornerstone third graders are looking forward to their fourth grade friends joining them in the AT&T Classroom for a special visit on Tuesday. In preparation for the fourth graders’ visit, this morning the third graders each created a digital game to test their fourth grade friends’ knowledge of economics using the Tiny Tap Android app. Tiny Tap offers a simple platform that teachers, children, and parents can use to create interactive stories, games, lessons, assessments and presentations.  The projects can be created on an Android or iOS tablet and played on a tablet or PC. To create their games, the students used the templates and stickers provided in the app and then added images and their own text and audio voice-over to create each game slide. The students are able to create question items in several different formats including, seek-and-find, puzzles, true/false, and multiple choice.

During their math block this morning in the AT&T Classroom the Cornerstone third graders continued with their work with perimeter and area using the Geoboards accessible at the Math Learning Center website. Building from last week’s work with perimeter, this morning the students used the Geoboards to further develop their understanding of area. After working with the Geoboards, the students applied their skills for calculating area by playing the Chicken Corral math game accessible at Johnny’s Math Page, a website with math teaching and learning resources tied to the Common Core. Links to both the Geoboard site and the area game are accessible from the class Symbaloo.