Cornerstone Third Graders Solve the Mystery of Their Buncee Buddies' Location

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the Cornerstone third graders continued with their work with the Buncee Buddies Earth Day 2016 project. As a partner school in the project, the Cornerstone third grade class was partnered with a buddy class in a “mystery” location. This morning the third graders met with their “mystery buddy class” using Facetime. The third graders were prepared for the challenge with specific questions they had outlined prior to the meeting. The two classes alternated turns posing yes/no questions to one another. The CCS students’ strategic questions and keen observation skills quickly led them to be the first to guess the home state of their buddy class -- Indiana! The third graders are partnering with the Madison, Indiana class to research and share ways that we can save and protect our Earth.  Today the students began the research phase of the project using digital resources available through PBS EekoWorld and  Primary Games-Earth Day.  The third graders will share their findings with their Indiana and Cornerstone friends by creating digital presentations using Buncee, a web-based creation tool for designing interactive multimedia projects.