Cornerstone Third Graders Prepare for Buncee Buddies Earth Day 2016

In honor of Earth Day, the Cornerstone third graders are participating in Buncee Buddies: Earth Day 2016, a global initiative designed to connect schools from around the world in researching and sharing ways we can save and protect our Earth.  After researching the topic, the third graders will share their findings by creating digital presentations using Buncee, a web-based creation tool for designing interactive multimedia projects. As a partner school in the project, the Cornerstone third grade class has been partnered with a buddy class in a “mystery” location. Prior to exchanging their Buncee Earth Day projects, the two classes will be meeting in a Google Hangout on Wednesday morning to guess one another’s location. In preparation for their virtual meeting, this morning the third graders brainstormed key questions they will ask to help them guess the location of their mystery buddy class. During the brainstorming session, Mrs. Hawes outlined the students’ questions using Popplet, a free tool for creating concept maps, diagrams, and outlines. 

Later this morning, the students were introduced to the Glow Draw app for practice with their spelling words. Glow Draw is a free Android app that  allows students to create a fluorescent drawing or writing project. This app offers glowing paint tools that include pens, paint brushes and spray paint cans. This morning the third graders used Glow Draw for practice writing and spelling the words from their weekly lists.