Cornerstone Third Graders Create Field Trip Pic Collages

This morning in the AT&T Classroom the Cornerstone third graders were introduced to the PicCollage  Android app. PicCollage is a free app that can be used to create digital collages on a variety of device platforms including iOS, Android, Windows 10, and Amazon Kindle Fire.  Features of the app allow students to customize their collage by adding text, backgrounds, and stickers. This morning during their literacy block the third graders used PicCollage to create a multimedia reflection about their recent field trip to the McKinley Presidential Library & Museum. The students drafted a written reflection in their Cornerstone classroom and then pulled text from that piece to add to their Pic Collage. The students also added photos to their text to represent specific facts they learned on the field trip related to their studies in social studies and science. In addition to the curricular focus, as the students worked with the various app features they gained experience with specific elements of visual and spatial design while creating a very personal and unique project. Finished collages have a shareable link that allowed the students to save their projects to their Google Classroom accounts.