CDC Kindgartners Meet Their Buncee Buddies in a Google Hangout

This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom the CDC Kindergartners continued their preparation for Earth Day 2016.  Today the children explored a new resource accessible online at  PBS EekoWorld to learn more about the concepts of reuse, reduce, and recycling. This afternoon the children also started work on their Buncee projects which they are creating to share what they have learned about protecting the Earth. As a partner school in the Buncee Buddies Earth Day 2016 project,  the CDC kindergarten class was partnered with a buddy class in a “mystery” location. This afternoon in the AT&T Classroom the kindergartners met with their “mystery buddy class” in a Google Hangout video call. The two classes alternated turns providing clues to one another and asking yes/no questions to guess their buddies’ location. The kindergartners solved the mystery first by correctly guessing their buddy school’s location in the state of California. The kindergartners will be sharing their finished projects at the end of the week with their Buncee Buddies in Oakland, California.